PLEASE @Fuzzheavy Radio US! Thanks to Marcus Greybeard Pruisner.

We welcome Mr. Adriano Pregadio @Drums and Mr. Michael Faißt @Vocals!

In the near future, PLEASE will stream live from their practice room, so you guys can join a full live session of the band simply via internet! Stay tuned! For more information about the exact date & time, check the bandsite on facebook, twitter or here on 

PLEASE @ Full Rock radio Columbia! BIG Thanks to Manuel Gómez!/-full-rock/?ancla=Salon+de+la+fama

PLEASE "ON AIR" @ Hard Rock Hell Radio London, 5.10.2017 from 12pm to 13pm

( 13-14 Uhr Germany )…/the-classic-rock-show-the-m…/

PLEASE "ON AIR" @ Rock Radio UK! ** Wednesday 27.09.2017 at 9pm 

(Germany - 22 Uhr ) **

PLEASE at Radio Bob!! 

Ladiez, Gentz & SweetHeartz, YOUR VOTE for PLEASE at radio-bob! 

You can vote every day again, so we count on you! Thanks for the support!


Much Love - PLEASE -

EP "Who´s the clown" is NOW available for download on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, Napster, Apple Music & Tidal!! So check your favourite store!